Tuesday 26th August Pace work

Pace work session at Braywick Park Maidenhead tonight meet 7.20-730pm. Purpose to improve your pace at the end of a race- a Jo Pavey Session:
1set 3 x 600m with 2 mins jog recovery between. ( half marathon or 10k pace) 4mins recovery at end of the set
2nd set 3 x 600m pick up the pace with 300m to go 2 mins recovery jog between each one. Then 4mins at the end of the set.
3rd set: 3 x 600m pick up pace with 200m to go 2 mins recovery between each.
Don’t forget Warm up, with high knees, back and front kicks and short 50m sprints before you start. and 10 mins cool down

Blenheim Palace Half Marathon


 Oct 5 10:30

Abingdon Marathon


 Oct 19 09:00

Marlow Half Marathon


 Nov 2 09:30

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon


 Nov 9 10:00