Staggered Jog Results March 2016

Results of Staggered Jog – 3rd April 2016 (March SJ)
Score    Name Actual Time MPM 12m PB % +/-
1 Vernon Peterson 50m 00 8.05 8.25 2.44
2 Claire Pusey 41m 10 6.63 6.69 0.96
3 Gary Heron 44m 50 7.22 7.20 -0.15
4 Rachel Sammes 48m 13 7.76 7.54 -2.95
5 Bev Holmes 44m 37 7.18 6.96 -3.12
6 Paul Fallon 41m 10 6.63 6.39 -3.65
7 Claire Symons 58m 52 9.47 9.10 -4.10
8 Kim Bates 61m 16 9.86 9.46 -4.19
9 Ben Harte 42m 27 6.83 6.38 -7.02
10 Alan Watson 61m 03 9.83 9.12 -7.74
11 Bob Engel 75m 01 12.07 11.12 -8.59
12 Phaedra Casey 63m 26 10.21 9.29 -9.94
13 Mick Driver 52m 40 8.48 7.61 -11.39
14 Tom Rylance 65m 40 10.57 9.48 -11.52
Bob Legge 66m 45 10.74          No 12 mth PB
Perveen Appleby 59m 55 9.64          No 12 mth PB
Claire Talbot 50m 37 8.15          No 12 mth PB
Louise Welford 61m 05 9.83          No 12 mth PB

Congratulations must go to Tom Rylance for completing over 100 runs.  His record shows that he ran his first SJ in June 1984.  His time was somewhat quicker!!

Despite various other runs that took place, 18 runners turned out to compete this month. Welcome back Bob Legge and Claire Talbot who we had not seen for some considerable time.The winner of this month’s Candlesticks was Vernon Peterson who was also last last month’s winner and he also achieved another personal best.  Well done.

The next Staggered Jog was scheduled for Sunday, 26 April 2016, but as this day coincides with the running of the London Marathon, it has been decided to hold it on the following Sunday, 1 May 2016.

Please register by 9-30am for a 10-00am start.


Staggered Jog

Aprils Staggered Jog will take place on 1st May due to there being a lot of people away with London Marathon and others watching it or taking part in other races. This decision was discussed on Thursday during announcements and mentioned again last night.

To confirm: 1st May and not 24th April

 May 1 09:30

Burnham Joggers Achievements

Last Saturday Claire Pusey achieved her age grade record for the VF45-49 in a time of 20:05 at Upton Court Parkrun.  Her age-grade is an impressive   79.83%

Dave Thomas on the list of unique events across the UK and the World. Over 341 runs he had been to 151 different events and is 19th on the UK list and 21st in the World.

Tony Merritt is 57th in the UK with 101 unique events within just 292 runs.

Our club may be small in comparison to others but we are proud in everything we do.

Staggered Jog March deferred

All the Staggered Jog for March has been deferred to the 3rd April – so don’t forget and looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Enva 2016 Results

Results of the ENVA 10 Cup – 2016
Pos Name Actual Time Age Related Time
1 Chris Rose 64m 18 56m 28
2 Sean Rooney 65m 29 60m 02
3 Claire Pusey 65m 55 61m 16
4 Ben Schiffer Harte 67m 55 67m 53
5 Bev Holmes 71m 25 69m 02
6 Chris Firman 72m 58 69m 40
7 Bruce Cooke 73m 51 55m 48
8 Helen Butler 76m 36 74m 03
9 Rachel Sammes 77m 16 73m 40
10 Mick Driver 78m 58 65m 43
11 Stefan Stasiuk 91m 14 72m 44
12 Tony Clish 94m 21 81m 26
13 Martine Thompson 97m 57 97m 16
14 Perveen Appleby 102m 57 96m 34
15 Nell Neale 107m 26 73m 02
16 Caroline Sealey 107m 26 103m 09
17 Zoe Stropmeyer 107m 26 107m 26
18 Derek Wilkins 107m 27 88m 35
19 Tom Rylance 110m 38 70m 50

This was the 35th anniversary of the ENVA 10 race. Only once has
it had to be postponed due to weather conditions – thick snow. On
a cold morning, 19 runners turn up to run. This was no where near the number who competed in 1984 when there were 96 finishers.

This year’s race was included in the yearly Club’s Championship
and the results shown above are in the order the runners finished.
with their times.

Although there were 19 entries, 16 of them were veterans (>40yrs) What has happened to the younger runners?

The awarding of the ENVA Cup is based on “age-related ” times.
The factors that were used are based on the age-calculator shown
on the Runner’s World website which has the latest agreed set of
factors dated November 2015.

Congratulations to Chris Rose who was the first to finish in a time
64m 18s and to the first lady to finish was Claire Pusey in overall 3rd place in a time of 65m 55s.

Congratulations to the winner of the ENVA Cup which this year is
Bruce Cooke who finished in an overall time of 73m 51s but when the age-factor is considered his time becomes 55m 48s. Many thanks to all of you who acted as Marshals at Sainsbury’s, the corner of Marsh Lane and the corner where the road leading to Dorney Lake joins the main road. There were no incidents this year.