Cross Country runs taking place from November 9th.

Even though I’m not at club tonight, I need to reiterate the Cross Country runs taking place from November 9th.

Last year we had a few more than in recent years but if like to see the magic 30 or even 40 turn up. We have a lot of men interested but ladies please get involved too.

We need to encourage car sharing to all the events.
Cost to remain the same; £2 or £3
The following dates were decided on :

9/11/14 : Datchet
23/11/14 : Sandhurst
30/11/14 : Handycross
14/12/14 : Bracknell
21/12/14: Reading (Crowthorne is the location)
11/01/15 : Tadley
18/01/15 Or 25/01/15 : Metro’s ( Venue to be decided – council have refused use of Mad Bess Woods )
01/02/15: Thames Valley Tri

I’ve posted this now so that people can’t say they didn’t know. Obviously an email will and I do believe has already been sent by Alan. It’s fun and friendly with hot drinks supplied at end with plenty of grub.


Cliveden XC 2015 – Online Entries now OPEN

For full details please follow this link or if you’ve done the event before and are ready to sign up then please see here.

We look forward to seeing many of you again at Cliveden in 2015 and if you’ve not done this race before we would love to see you at Cliveden on Sunday the 4th January 2015!


Staggered Jog – September 2014 Results

Staggered Jog Results – Sunday, 28 September 2014
Pos. Name Actual Time MPM 12m PB % +/-
1 Serena Imani 69m 55 11.19 11.55 3.12
1 Lucy Bartlett 46m 38 7.46 7.70 3.12
3 Nick Cole 43m 56 7.03 7.19 2.23
4 Dave Appleby 46m 35 7.45 7.53 1.06
5 Matt Broomhall 41m 27 6.63 6.69 0.90
6 Patricia Keene 47m 40 7,63 7.67 0.52
7 Jenny Zaremba 59m 03 9.45 9.49 0.42
8 Michael Lister 55m 36 8.90 8.85 -0.56
9 Claire Primett 54m 15 8.68 8.49 -2.24
10 Chris Firman 44m 25 7.11 6.95 -2.30
11 Oliver Keene 54m 32 8.73 8.50 -2.71
12 Bob Engel 72m 24 11.58 11.13 -4.04
13 Mick Driver 49m 15 7.88 7.41 -6.34
14 Kim Bates 64m 45 10.36 9.67 -7.14
15 Suki Singh 61m 47 9.89 9.20 -7.50
16 Alan Watson 63m 10 10.11 8.79 -15.02

Congratulations to both Serena Imani and Lucy Bartlett for both winning this months Candlesticks.  Both achieved the same improvement even when the results are calculated to 3 decimal places.  A couple of seconds would have made all the difference to the results.

Congratulations also to Matt Broomhall for achieving an all time personal best.
The next and last run for this years competition will take place on Sunday,    26, October.  Do not forget that it is also a Club Championship Event.  Try and make it a record turnout.


Going back in time…

Club Group photo from a few years ago – spot anybody you recognize and take a guess of the year this was taken – leave a comment!


Parkrun Club Details

PLEASE NOTE a new permanent link has been added in the “Links” box to the right of the main page that will give you the Burnham Jogger’s club report in regards to “parkruns” and from there you can also can find a link to the “consolidated club report for the last Saturday”.

You can find a list of all club members that have participated in “parkruns” here - at the top you can sort by various categories including “total runs”:

CONGRATULATIONS to Martine who has reached 100 runs today and also to Yvette, Mick and David who a few weeks/months ago reached the 100!


Club Championship

Updated results available now for the club championship.
An updated version of the The Staggered Jog spreadsheet will be available in the next few days.